All American Waterproofing has over 25 years experience in the industry.

Using state of the art technology and methods, our basement waterproofing systems are built to protect your home as long as you live there and come with a lifetime warranty. Contact us today to have one of our basement specialists come to your home to provide a free inspection and estimate. We are here to make sure that you never have to worry about a wet basement again!

Why Us?

1. Quality Products

We use high quality, durable, and proven building products in all our work.

2. Fast Installations

Our system installs quickly, with most projects completed in just one to two days.

3. Experienced Crews

A crew of experienced workers will arrive to install your system quickly & professionally. Each one is a waterproofing specialist with years of experience.

4. A Cost-Effective System

Our waterproofing system can be customized to fit your budget, and it costs about half as much as an exterior waterproofing system.

5. Locally Owned And Operated

All American Waterproofing is locally owned and operated.

6. Free Waterproofing Quotes

Our quotes come in writing, and there’s no obligation!